Share the love with your dog

Share the love with your dog


We all know that Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love! But as pet parents, we also know that we celebrate our love for our dogs EVERY DAY!

I would like to share some special Valentines games to keep your pooch active and strong in mind, foods that need to be avoided on Valentine’s Day and generally building a stronger bond between pet parent and dog. Here goes!........


This is an old-time favourite of mine and for this game I always use Naturo Dehydrated 100% Salmon Treats due to the lovely strong natural smell which ALL dogs can easily smell as a high value treat.

Before you let your dog into the room, place ONE high value treat in four to five different areas of the room, for example, behind the sofa, under a coffee table, behind the curtain etc.

Once all the treats have been planted, its time for your dog to go search for that LOVE! Bring them into the room, have three of the same smelling treats in your hand. Get your dog into the ‘sit’ position, show them that you are putting one treat in the palm of your hand and say the word ‘VALENTINE’ as they take it from your hand.  Next, SLOWLY place another treat in the same way, but this time place it on the floor behind you and THEN say the word ‘VALENTINE’. You must do this very slowly ensuring that your dog is following the treat with their eyes. Their tail will most probably be spinning round like a helicopter by this point! They will then dart around the back of you to find the treat. Finally, repeat the treat in hand routine, but this time go to place the treat where you have already planted one earlier. Now when you say the word ‘VALENTINE’ they should understand exactly what you are saying! Their search for Valentine love is complete!


Valentines’ day is one of those days where we must be extra vigilant when it comes to this special celebration. Chances are, you will have one, or even several lovely boxes of chocolates as a gift from someone special, or if you are anything like me, even as a gift to yourself!

The toxins in chocolate can cause life threatening complications to your dog, and Just ONE smallest piece of chocolate ingested can be critical to their life!

Always ensure chocolates are kept at childproof levels, for example, on the top of your wardrobe, or better still, keep them in a cupboard that your dog doesn’t have access to. When you do bring them out to enjoy, keep them next to you, and ALWAYS replace the lid as soon as you have taken one out.


Here is a NATURO-tastic idea to get that extra close and loving bond with your dog this Valentine.

When dogs lick it isn’t always a sign of stress, it could be the complete opposite, because dogs lick to relax and soothe too! This is also a great method to use for over stressed dogs and a way to get them into a mindset of complete relaxation!

Get a small plastic container (To hold comfortably in a cupped hand and no bigger to sit in the palm of your hand) suitable for freezing.

Get a carton of FULL FAT GOATS’ MILK (available in most supermarkets chilled section) Pour the milk into your small container and when ¾ full, add 6 to 8 x Norsh freeze dried 100% chicken treats (available at Place into the freezer to freeze overnight and then watch as your dog licks and enoys their ‘Lick of Love’ pot. Only ever allow maximum of up to 10 minutes licks a day.



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