The Naturo Repaw Room

The Naturo Repaw Room was a pop-up dog chew repair shop that opened its doors to help dog-owners salvage prized possessions ravaged by pesky pups, devilish dogs, or misbehaving mutts in a one-day only event on Oxford Street, London. 
We arranged for an array of experts – including a cobbler, seamstress, and upholster – to provide real-time repairs and consultations to help pet owners restore much-loved items to their former glory. 


Also on hand was canine expert Leon Towers from Channel 4’s 'Embarrassing Pets’, who offered bespoke tips and advice to help dog owners put an end to destructive behavioural tendencies.  
Every year it’s estimated that our four-legged friends cost the nation £1.7bn in home damages so Naturo decided to step in to put an end to what is one of the less glamourous aspects of pet ownership.