Keeping your pet safe at Halloween

Keeping your pet safe at Halloween

This time of year can be quite frightening for our four-legged family members with fireworks in the lead up to Halloween and Guy Fawkes night, as well as trick or treaters. We have some tips on how to keep them happy and safe around Halloween.


Dangerous Halloween Decorations for pets

Whilst carving out a pumpkin is a seasonal activity, be careful not to leave it in reach of your four legged family member; especially if there is a candle inside that they might burn themselves on or knock over to cause a fire. Ingesting uncooked or potentially mouldy pumpkin is not great for their stomach either, and this could cause an upset.

The same rule goes for any lights, mechanical decorations, or plastic props you might put up. Keep these out of reach to ensure your pet does not ingest, chew, or even give themselves an electrical shock.


Keep your pet inside

It is a good idea to provide a quiet, warm, and safe place for your pet to retreat to during this time inside your home, and not leave them outside.

Loud noises and fireworks from, flow of ringers at your doorbell and any potential ‘excitement’ within your home can be distressing for them. Make sure they have toys to play with, fresh water and food at their disposal and other comforting items around them.

If they are anxious, spend time with them to calm them down. Your pet might (namely cat!) might try and sneak out your open door to trick or treaters. Make sure they are microchipped and/or wearing an ID tag in case they bolt in fear.

Learn more about your dog's body language here and your cat's here for signs of stress.

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Halloween treats out of reach

Just like your decorations, Halloween sweets and treats are harmful for our four legged family members. Keep all of these well out of reach. If they accidentally ingest one, monitor their behaviour and if you have any cause for concern, ring your trusted vet immediately.

Of course, you could provide them with their own treats to stop temptation – check out our sister brand, Norsh, for raw, freeze dried deliciousness!


Doggy Dress Up

Dressing up our pets can be very distressing and uncomfortable for them. We recommend keeping the dress up to the humans! It might be easier (and less stressful) to adorn them with a festive collar or bandana instead

Have a safe Halloween guys!