Cat Tails – what your cat’s tail is telling you

Cat Tails – what your cat’s tail is telling you

Tails are a great indicator of mood with our cats, even though it sometimes feels like their mood can change multiple times in a minute! But we still love them.

Here are some tips on what your cat’s tail may be telling…

Straight up

This shows a cat’s confidence, and happiness and that they are in the mood to be friendly. This is usually a good time to initiate play and cuddles. Bonus points if the tip of their tail twitches; they are especially happy!

Straight down

On the other hand, a tail straight down can signal aggression or agitation. It is not a good idea to engage with them at this point and try to calm down any situation that may be making them feel this way! Note: some breeds, such as Persians naturally have a low tail.

Curled at the top

This is another good mood sign! This means your cat is in a playful mood. Time to chase their favorite toy or throw their favorite ball around.

Tucked under their body

A nervous kitty will wrap their tail around the bottom of their body. In this case, it is best to play it cool and try and see what it is that is making them nervous, and if you can help the situation.

Puffed/whipping back and forth

Both of these can convey a scared, aggressive, or angry cat. It’s probably a good idea to give them some alone time at this point until they calm down a little!

Swaying back and forth

Different from whipping, a slow sway when they are usually hunched down to the floor shows focus. You will see this when they spot prey outside or if you are playing a ‘catch’ style game with them.

We hope these clues give you some help with reading the tail of your cat! And of course, we always love to hear more about our Naturo family so feel free to share anything you have come across.