How to turn your beloved dog into a showstopping Top Dog!

How to turn your beloved dog into a showstopping Top Dog!

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Leons Top Training Tips

How to turn your beloved dog into a showstopping Top Dog!


With Crufts just around the corner, you can feel the excitement in the air all around the dog world.

Just imagine if YOU were attending this canine extravaganza with YOUR DOG ENTERING THE SHOW!

As we all know, anything worth having takes hard work and commitment. So here are my guidelines to get you and your dog show ready and on the right track to Crufts success…..


  • Agility Club

Agility is a fun competitive sport for dogs. It’s a kind of playground for dogs, like when you take children to their favourite park to play on the swings and climbing frames. Obviously, dogs can’t play on swings, but they CAN be taught how to run up ramps, weave through multicoloured poles, jump to unbelievable heights, spring through hoops and plough through tunnels. Your dog and you will grow in confidence, learn how to interact and give them great fluidity of movement. It’s a GREAT way to keep you and your dog fit and mentally stimulated in the best and most fun way. Agility IS NOT suitable for dogs under the age of 18 months, they SHOULD NOT be doing agility as their bones and joints haven’t formed properly until after this age.  PLEASE do not let anybody tell you different as you will undoubtedly damage your dog’s body before this age-restricted time.


  • Ringcraft Classes

Ringcraft is a class for training both the handler (you) and your dog to be show ready for the show ring. It is there to show and teach you techniques used to get the best for you and your dog. You will learn the basics in showing and can also progress to the heights of Crufts, especially if you see it as a fun hobby and don’t take it so seriously that you lose the fun element from it.  Your dog should ALWAYS ENJOY the experience, we should never make them do it for our own pleasure.


  • Coat Management

This term is referring to how well-groomed your dog’s fur and ‘look’ are managed. Specific breeds of dogs have specific standards on how their coat should be maintained and how it should look. If you want your dog to look their best, it is important to get your dog used to being groomed, hair brushed, nails clipped, ears and tail checked over. Again, if your dog DOESN’T like these things being done to them, please don’t EVER force them!


  • Diet

Diet is SO important when it comes to your dog looking and feeling their best, especially if you are planning on showing your dog. Salmon oil is a great supplement to give your dog’s coat a mirror-like gloss and shine, which is why I recommend Naturo Grain-free Salmon and Potato with vegetables as the PAW-FECT diet!


  • Teeth

Try giving your dog one of the following for that perfect Mutley smile!

 Yak Milk Chew:

It is exactly what it says on the box! Compressed LACTOSE FREE yak milk is a healthy and tasty snack that will clean your dog’s teeth to the Simon Cowell standard!

Olive Branch:

Great and safe alternative to them chewing table legs!!! These also contain natural oils to maintain a beautiful glossy coat.


These are quite expensive, but they will keep your dog entertained for triple the time before needing to be replaced!