How to be a responsible pawrent

How to be a responsible pawrent

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, so we have a few tips on how to be a responsible pawrent!


Visits to the vet

Keeping up to date with vaccinations and annual check-ups is essential to make sure your pup is healthy and protected from anything they may pick up without being vaccinated! If you are worried about anything out of the ordinary always consult your vet.


Exercise and diet

Each dog will differ in exercise requirements, but it is important to keep them active through walks and playtime to keep them psychically & mentally fit!

Consult with your trusted vet about exercise requirements, but also monitor food intake to make sure your dog is at the right weight for a happy, healthy, and long life with you.

We have a variety of foods to suit different dietary needs and even a Light option for those pups who are keeping an eye on their weight. You can also check out our blog on how to tell if your dog is overweight.

Doggy Hygiene

Although your pup may not be a fan of their 'spa treatments' such as baths, nail clipping, and grooming are essential to maintain hygiene (and keep them photo ready!).

Don't forget their teeth! Dental disease is very common in dogs and can be a contributor to other illnesses.


Train your dog

Training your dog is essential for you and them to keep safe and happy. It lets them know what behaviors are acceptable, creates a way for you to communicate, and can also be a source of some fun when you teach them tricks.

Training also keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated, reducing anxiety, boredom, and unwanted behaviors. And despite what they say; you can still teach an old dog new tricks!

We all love our dogs so much, and it is so important that we care for all their needs. By looking after our four-legged family members correctly, we can make sure they are in our lives for as long as possible.